Hello and welcome!

I’m Kate… I’m a 30’something who hails from Minnesooooota. I am a newish mom to a sweet and happy son who’s starting toddlerhood (yay for that boy energy!) and wife to the most incredible guy. Those are the two most important roles I have now, but before Mom and Wife, I was (and still am) and daughter, sister, and friend but ALSO an independent and adventurous gal who grew up going to church, road trippin’, and having so much fun.

I started this blog to share with you how I am balancing my previous identity with my new identity. There are many women out there who have a harder time with this balance, and I actively have to remind myself that I’m doing a pretty good job, which I’m thankful for. One can easily get lost in one identity and then wake up one day asking herself “where did I go?” and with this blog, I hope to prevent that from happening.

My Fam

I met my hubby Derek on St. Patricks day and it was truly love at first sight! We started dating and within two months I knew I wanted to marry him. Six years of concert going, travel, and growth (we were in our prime twenties) we finally got married. Two years after that, we had our first child, OZ. It’s been an amazing ride! My husband, Derek, is a former cook turned state employee. He’s an mmm mmm mmmmm good cook which I am so lucky because even though we both work full time out of the house, he loves to plan meals with me and cook. Via this blog, I hope to share with you some of our yummy recipes as well as any house projects that we have up our sleeves.

OZ is our lil guy. He’s happy and fun and the sweetest boy I ever could’ve prayed and hoped for. Derek and I have learned so much about ourselves as first time parents, and OZ has taught us how to be selfless and more loving than we knew we could be. So much to look forward to.

Puggles.. two old lady’s, Maddie and Tilly. They lived at my parents house but when my Dad passed away and I bought my first house, I managed to steal them from my Mom, who was thankful because although she loves them, she would just rather have a clean and dog-free house and she knows how they’re mostly my dogs anyway. So, now they’re my family dogs, and Derek and OZ love them like they’ve been here forever.

Please join me on my journey and get to know my family and me more and more!