HeaSo many things come to mind when I think of Norway.. Fjords (of course), fresh seafood, coziness, food and hospitality. In my recent travels, I got to experience all of these wonderful things and over the course of a several posts, I hope to share with you my stories in hopes to make you want to experience them yourself.

When I was 9 or so, my mom gave me a sweetheart waffle maker for Christmas. I loved it. I thought it was so fun to have sweetheart waffles. The waffler still works to this day (20 or so years later!). It wasn’t until I went to Norway and discovered the real history behind the sweetheart waffle that is warmly recognized as the Norwegian waffle, which is different than Belgium or American style waffles. It’s even different from my first sweetheart waffle maker.

Two main differences. The Norwegian Waffle has five hearts and it is THIN. The recipe is also important, as it has different ingredients that your usual weekend waffle recipe. I will update with a recipe as soon as my Norwegian cousin provides her family recipe. Mmm..

When returned home, I immediately had to get a  5-Heart waffle maker that makes thin waffles

Why thin? In Norway, waffles are an everyday snack. Used to sandwhich fruit, sour cream, and whatever else.

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